Dec 30 2010

The Quest for Authentic Manhood – Session 7: The Overly-Bonded with Mother Wound

1 June, 2016
7:30 pmto9:30 pm

Quest for Authentic Manhood

The Quest for Authentic Manhood: A 24-session DVD/workbook study that focuses on a man’s core identity and gives an overview of basic manhood issues. It will help men deal with various identity issues by looking back at past wounds and other things that may have distorted their idea of biblical masculinity. Throughout the course of the study, men will learn how to clearly define manhood and will finally be able to give a succinct and passionate answer to the questions, “What is a man?” and “What am I living to be?”  This week is session 7 – The Overly-Bonded with Mother Wound.  Please bring paper and pen, this will be at the mansion @7.30 1st June 2016.  To enrol or if you have an enquirey about this course please use the following form to contact us: