Aug 22 2016

Promise Keepers – Influence 7-8 October 2016

INFLUENCE AUCKLAND – Men’s Event 7-8 October 2016, join team ironmen

Promise Keepers - Influence

Right now your life is shaping your legacy.

Make sure it counts –
• Discover purpose and be a greater influence
• Find freedom and move forward in God’s blessing and power
• Equip yourself to make a difference

Never before in human history have we been able to reach so many so easily.

Who are you influencing now? Imagine yourself five years in the future, looking back at yourself today. What would you say to yourself about what is truly important?

Decide today to multiply your influence at PK 2016 at Victory Convention Centre, 7-8 October 2016.

Tak Bhana, Richard Brunton, Gary Colville, Tony Crawford, Adam Frost, David Goodman, Peter Goulter, Aaron Ironside, Andrew L’Almont, Bob McCoskrie, Tony McKeown, Paul Monahan, Aaron More, Michael Murphy, Tom O’Neil, Wayne Poutoa, Justin St Vincent, David Tua, Nick Tuitasi, Geoff Wiklund and more…
(Subject to change)

Now you can create your own PK experience tailor-made for your life situation. This year we have 25 electives on Saturday afternoon offering more flexibility, more speakers and more topics for you to choose from.
You can get fresh perspectives on topics relevant to you, whether you are young or old, single or married – or just want to improve your health, finances, spiritual wellbeing or ministry.

Decide to multiply your influence today! Get started now, join the ironmen team and get going to Influence 2016 Men’s Event!

The Top Seven Reasons that you need to come to Promise Keepers this year!
1. God is Changing Lives
In our busy lives it is important to set aside time to allow God’s power to impact us and transform us into extraordinary men.

2. Powerful Speakers
PK consistently asks the best men’s speakers available to step up and bring powerful words of challenge and encouragement.

3. Getting Together with a Group of Men
Enjoy the opportunity to be part of a larger group of men focused on Godly things. There is spiritual energy in this unique community of men. This is even more powerful if they travel to the Event together.

4. Awesome Music
We’ve scoured the land for music that men can – and want to sing to.

5. An Event Focused on Men
We know men and the issues you face and each Event is designed to meet your needs.

6. Wives Love It
Women are some of Promise Keepers’ greatest supporters because they reap the benefits of transformed men.

7. Men Get Fired Up!
Men often don’t need fixing up, they just need to be focused and fired up.

Will we influence the world for Christ, or will the world influence us?
– Billy Graham

Promise Keepers 2016

There is nothing more exciting and deeply satisfying than making a spiritual connection with the God of the Universe and experiencing His raw energy and power! As we draw near to the heart of God the Father, we can be filled so that His power flows through our lives. He can activate us to be powerful influencers for good and impact the nation. Our own human strength is not sufficient – we need God’s power to transform lives! Come to Promise Keepers with the ironmen team this year.

Promise Keepers have offered the men at ironmen a special discount of $69 per man and $59 per student for the full event.
However, this discount is only available by phoning Promise Keepers on 0800 PROMISE and registering under the ironmen group and only before the 26th August 2016.

This is your time!

Come to this year’s Promise Keepers Men’s Event with the ironmen team!